Soul City Cycling (SCC) Inaugural Ride & Cookout

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Soul City Cycling (SCC) Inaugural Ride & Cookout

July 30, 2022

We're planning to have our inaugural SCC Cookout out July 30.  The cookout will start with 10, 20 & 40 mile rides, then lunch served after.  During lunch we'll discuss the state of the club including updates on our 1st annual SCC ride in 2023.  

Please take time to fill out the attached form if you plan to attend.  This is for paid members only, however, we hope to expand to immediate family as the club continues to grow.  

Stay tuned for updates as we move closer to the date!  

Keep pushing those pedals, we'll see you on the road soon.  Thanks!

You can find my form "1st Annual SCC Cookout, July 30, 2022" here

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